New Website

26 12 2014

Check out our new website for all the latest news and updates!

6 days to go!

7 05 2014
Shakedown run and start good. Looks like it can start by it self still which puts a smile on all our faces. Awesome work to our team!


4 05 2014

Assembly is going well and taking shape. Shake down is happening soon!

RR14 Unveiling!

21 04 2014

Check out the unveiling of the new RR14 from Ravens Racing!

Metro Ottawa

Ottawa Citizen

Carleton newsroom



Come join us at our Unveiling!

1 04 2014

Unveiling Invite 2014

DEW Engineering

16 03 2014

Thank you very much to our huge sponsorship from DEW Engineering here in Ottawa! They are awesome to work with helping us make lots of parts!


18 11 2013


Designs and drawings all getting finalized! We are excited to go to FSAE Michigan and North 2014 once again next year!


October.19 – 20. 2013

We had an awesome time at the UoT shootout, where we went from cold and dry to the lovely cold and wet! It was amazing once again to meet and see all the teams coming out! Till the next time we meet.


​September 4.2013

Sorry for the slow updates. We have been busy, preparing, training and testing the new members through the summer. The design cycle never stops, now we just wait for the UoT Shootout!