FSAE Michigan

7 07 2009

Twenty two students, lead by 5 professors worked together on this years formula SAE project. From May 13th to the 16th the Ravens Racing team competed at the Michigan International Speedway Formula SAE event against ~120 other teams. The team competed in a series of events which ranged from Cost, Design, Marketing Presentation, Acceleration, Skid Pad, Autocross, and Endurance. Carleton’s team this year was honored in making it to the design semi-finals with the top 13 teams.

Team photo 2009

Team Photo (from left to right)
Back Row :
Sami, Kody, Chris, Travis, Marko, Christian, Eric, Emil, Zarley, Stephane, Ron, Glen; Front Row : Andrew, Kevin, Brad, Shawn, Larry

FSAE Michigan Placings

Cost 31st
Presentation 25th
Design 7th
Acceleration 25th
Skid-Pad 76th
Autocross 48th
Endurance DNF – Wheel center on back right wheel sheered off during the endurance run on the 6th lap
Overall 48th

Placement of other teams in the event can be found here.

2009 FSAE Competition Pictures

Future Plans

The RR09 car is to be fixed up over the summer, for baseline testing in the fall to compare with the soon to be built RR10 car. Preliminary design for the RR10 car has been completed over the past year, and review and manufacturing is to begin in the fall as part of Carleton’s FSAE program.

If interested in volunteering for the RR10 team, please contact Eric Ghoukasian (ericghoukasian@hotmail.com)

Special Thanks To:

Thank you to the team, sponsors, and everyone who helped us throughout the year, this project is made possibly with your support.





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