Ravens Racing Team (FS Combution and Electric) 2013-2014

Project Engineering and Integration

Glen Clarke Lead Engineer glen@openroadmotorsports.com
Kenneth Chow Project Management and Set-up kennethchow@cmail.carleton.ca
Martin Coursol Integration/Manufacturing Mart_coursol@hotmail.com
Ryan Chartrand Safety and Ergonomics Ryan_Chartrand@live.com
Woo-Tae Kim Testing Engineer cu.kylekim@gmail.com


Robert Bell Lead Engineer Robert.Bell@carleton.ca
Sefan Lambevski Frame Configuration slambevs@gmail.com
David Coffin Composite Monocoque Design davidcoffin725@gmail.com
Nicholas Rozman Composite Joining Techniques nicholasrozman@carleton.ca
Anton Stefani Composite Nose Cone Structure antonstefani17@gmail.com
Zakary Merhchant Body Work marchantzak@gmail.com
Eugene Lee Fit and Finish eugenelee@cmail.carleton.ca
David Kadden Composite Structures danmcdonald@cmail.carleton.ca


Glen Clarke Lead Engineer glen@openroadmotorsports.com
Daven Doobay Kinetics davendoobay@cmail.carleton.ca
Colin Ryan Shocks colinryan@cmail.carleton.ca
Phongsakorn Posayanont Springs phongsakorn.posayanont@carleton.ca
Philippe Meunier Brake systems philippeantoinmeunie@cmail.carleton.ca
Rindi Piepers Aerodynamics rindipiepers@cmail.carleton.ca

ICE Engine Development

Jie (Peter) Liu Lead Engineer Jie.Liu@carleton.ca
Lucas Wilson ICE Integration lucasbwilson@hotmail.com
Kyle Taylor Combustion theory and simulation coffee_46@hotmail.com
Malik Bedrani Final Drive configuration bedranimalik@gmail.com
Stephanie Duga ICE Transmission StephDuganDugan@cmail.carleton.ca

Electrical Power Management

Peter Liu Lead Engineer jliu@mae.carleton.ca
Trevor Hadden Electric Motor Integration trevorhadden@cmail.carleton.ca
Omar Kaheil Electric Power Management omarkahiel@cmail.carleton.ca
Raymond Parent Electrical Systems Ray_parent@hotmail.com

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