Ravens Racing Team (Hybrid) 2012-2013

Project Engineering

Glen Clarke Lead Engineer glen@openroadmotorsports.com
Bob Desnoo Project Management and Testing bobdesnoo@cmail.carleton.ca
Mark Cohen Integration/Manufacturing markcohen@cmail.carleton.ca
Ramy Al-Abed Integration/Manufacturing ramyalabed@cmail.carleton.ca
Sarah Clark Integration/Manufacturing sarahclark@cmail.carleton.ca
Sean Gaw Aerodynamics seangaw@cmail.carleton.ca


Xin Wang Lead Engineer xwang@mae.carleton.ca
Aiman Abdul Razak Frame Configuration aimanlegend@yahoocom
Akmal Ahmed Composite Structures akmalahmad@cmail.carleton.ca
Dane Petersen Composite Monocoque Design danepetersen@cmail.carleton.ca
Khemaraj Pathmalingam Composite Nose Cone Structure pkhemara@gmail.com
Tyler Clancy Flexures tylerclancy@cmail.carleton.ca
Darren Mathias Body dfmathia@connect.carleton.ca
Cristin Jose Fit and Finish cristinjs@gmail.com


Glen Clarke Lead Engineer glen@openroadmotorsports.com
Frank Sorensen Kinematics frank_sorensen@carleton.ca
Wein Dong Li Kinetics weidongli@cmail.carleton.ca
Alif Ibrahim Shocks AlifIbrahim@cmail.carleton.ca
JF Cote Springs jeanfrancoiscote@cmail.carleton.ca
Jared Nusbaum Brake System nusbaum.jared@gmail.com
Adam Turner Dynamic Test Rig engineeradam@gmail.com

Engine and Powertrain

Ron Miller Lead Engineer ron_miller@carleton.ca
Erik Smith ICE Integration eriknsmith@rogers.com
Grant Howard Electric Motor Integration granthoward7@gmail.com
Cedric Boss 4 Wheel Drive Configuration cedricboss352@gmail.com
David Hill ICE Transmission j.hill_4@hotmail.com

Vehicle Power Management

Peter Liu Lead Engineer jliu@mae.carleton.ca
Mulham AlKabra Manufacturing mulham0@gmail.com
Amri Zainon Electric Power Management amrizainon@cmail.carleton.ca
Chris Straubel Energy Storage chrisstraubel@cmail.carleton.ca
Francois Byrne Electric Power Management francois.rbyrne@gmail.com
Oscar Arrieta Driver Support and Seat Design oscararrietagalvan@cmail.carleton.ca



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